13.10.2017 Jey Academy Москва: набор на курс для учителей английского Modern Education Techniques

В субботу 14 октября в 16.00 в Jey Academy Москва состоится презентация интенсивного курса для учителей английского языка: Modern Education Techniques.

Курс будет проходить дважды в месяц по субботам с 16.00 до 18.45 в Jey Academy (Москва, Большая Якиманка 3) с 28 октября 2017 г. Курс рассчитан на 3 месяца
По окончании программы учителя получают сертификат. Курс повышения квалификации 18 ч. Мини-группа до 12 человек.

Программа курса на английском языке:

Session 1 – Introductions, Expectations, Edutainment
This lesson will focus on getting to know each other in a variety of ways. Then, we will discuss expectations of the course from both the course leader’s perspective and the attendees’ perspectives. We will finish with several different educational games that will assist educators in teaching via entertainments (games).

Session 2 classroom management and motivation
Classroom management and motivation - classroom design, decoration, behavioral management and reward structures in a modern classroom setting.

Session 3 – 4 Intelligences
This lessons will focus on the different intelligences prevalent in students and different methods of educating each of them. It will also include lesson plan ideas and lesson structures that will encompass several or all of the intelligences in one lesson.
Multiple intelligences theory - discussion and lecture about modern teaching practices and how each student is individual and will learn better being taught via different methods
Multiple intelligences practical use - we will focus on writing and evaluating lesson plans for various lessons with regard to multiple intelligences

Session 5 Technology in the Classroom
This lesson will focus on the burgeoning amount of technology now available to educators for use in the classroom. It will also teach ways of keeping students’ attention during lessons and lectures. Lastly, it will finish with a method for making an online ‘quest’ and also a quest for the attendees to complete.

Session 6 Intro to ESP
Intro to ESP - What is ESP? How can you use ESP skills in a general classroom setting? This lecture will assist you! It contains a brief overview of ESP, different fields of ESP, and some example lessons and lectures
Business ESP - the specific skillset of teaching business students, along with resources and some pre-made lessons to modify for personal use
Exam ESP - the basics of teaching all exams and specifics for teaching TOEFL and IELTS to students

Ведущий курса:

Jesse Raymond Holcomb, USA
Jesse is a unique teacher with deep profound knowledge in English linguistics. A very experienced teacher, working as an academic director for the last 6 years.
Motivated, personable manager with a successful track record of acting accordingly within given protocols. Talent for quickly mastering technology and languages. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals peers and clients at all levels. Poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences. Multilingual with excellent team-building skills.

Bachelor of Astronautic Engineering

Master's degree in Education Management
Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science

Цена программы: 14 500 руб за весь курс 18 ч (3 месяца)
Скидка 2000 руб для Partner teachers, участников форумов Jey Teachers и конкурса New Zealand.

Тел. для записи на курс и консультации + 7 495 786 05 45

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